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Business Coaching

for Tradies

Buildersbooks team offer business coaching and financial advice for tradies. Our team of qualified accountants and financial advisors are here to help guide you and make your business strive.
"Work on the business not in the business "




            Buildersbooks can help 

Identify current issues that need fixing

Work towards business goals by restructuring and reconfiguring the business

Grow and scale your business faster and easier

Provide smart financial advice and structured business planning

Sort out your Cashflow issues

Increase profit margins

If you would like to watch your business grow then let us help you.
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You will get complete coaching on growing your business
 Identify any current business issues
  • Review business current position            \

  • Identify issues within the business such as employees, cash-flow, finances, job procedures, invoicing systems.                 

  • Create a solid foundation for the business                                                      

  • Time is money. Free yourself from day to day activities of your business and we will help you install systems to save, create and leverage across the business for maximum results with minimal effort.

Restructure and reconfigure
the business for growth 
  • Scale the business                               

  • Install systems to attract, build and lead a team that builds your business without you having to be there.                                                       

  • Increase efficiency                            

  • Structure the business so you can have the choice of hiring more staff and lead and manage them from the front.

Step Back and Watch your
business grow

Once the business is reconfigured for growth you can take on a different role and have a more hands off approach and focus on other aspects of the business instead of doing the hard work.

Let your employees do the job and you can work on growing the business.

Buildersbooks understands how the construction industry works, and what needs to happen in order to run a successful company. With an extensive background and experience in the accounting & construction industries, the Bateman Family created Buildersbooks to help builders and tradies achieve their business goals. The team at Buildersbooks can provide you with tailored, detailed strategies on the best ways to improve your business. Our advice is backed up by knowledge and experience built up over generations.


Our coaching is tailored exclusively to your business. We make customised solutions based on your situation. Buildersbooks will help you determine:

  • Where your business is at;

  • Whether it is time to grow, or time to downsize;

  • Whether to add employees, or hire contractors.


Buildersbooks works with you to get the basics right, and build upon a stronger foundation.

"They find it difficult to let go of old ways of doing things and they're often not good at managing people, which is usually because they've gone into a trade at 16 and received very little in the way of business management training.”

Andrew P - SMH

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