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How to work best with your accountant

We want to ensure that your time with us is valued as we understand the importance of being able to trust your accountant.

Just as we have systems in place to manage our jobs effectively, these following tips will ensure that you receive the best possible results in return.

Bookkeeping best practices

1. Choose the right accountant with the right expertise It comes without saying that you must choose the right accountant with the right expertise for your business and individual needs. By choosing an accountant who has a high level of experience in the industry, is familiar with the various tax laws and compliance requirements for your situation you will have created a foundation of trust with your accountant.

2. Be clear on your expectations In your initial meeting, it’s important to be up front on what type of service you are requiring. By providing all of this information in the first instance, you are saving time and minimizing future costs. There are four basic areas of expertise in our accounting practice: business advisory services, accounting and record keeping, tax advice, and forensic accounting. By understanding what your individual and company needs are before meeting, determining how much of the work you will do and how much is done by the accountant, as well as compiling any questions or concerns that you have before meeting, will ensure that you come prepared and leave feeling as though you are in capable hands.

3. Communicate openly and regularly throughout the year Communication is key to every facet of an organisation and it is the same with the relationship you have with your accountant. Allocate time aside in your diary to communicate with your accountant and respond to any issues in a timely manner. If you require help with your accounting programs or the various processes, ask your accountant for help sooner rather than later. Fostering an attitude of open communication creates a good working relationship, helping you save time and money.

4. Take advantage of cloud-based technology Technology has vastly improved in recent years with the introduction of cloud-based technology. We often get asked what is the best accounting software for individuals and small businesses. We recommend Xero because it is cloud-based – meaning that you can access it via your web browser from any computer at any time. With data flowing daily, greater efficiency, everything you need in one place, and the ability for both client and accountant to keep track on how you are doing, this ensures less time is spent with data entry, and more time spent helping you succeed.

At buildersbooks we want to work radically different to helping you reach success with your finances.

This starts with using the top tools of the trade, transparent communication and ensuring a hands-on relationship built on trust.

We aim to understand the way you do business.


This information is not to be relied upon without speaking to your accountant, tax agent or financial adviser depending on the advice.

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