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Online Contracts for your Construction business

online contracts for your construction business

HIA Contracts Online

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) is the residential building, renovation, and development industry body in Australia. They provide membership for individuals of all trades in the building and construction industry.

A useful feature that HIA offers are contracts online, which are professional contract templates that can be customised with your business’ details. This feature includes:

  • A selection of multiple professional contract templates for a wide range of needs,

  • Information in each contract that is continuously updated with changes to legislation,

  • The option to personalise each contract with a business logo and other business details,

  • Prefill of all specific details to be applied to all contracts, such as payment terms. This can be automatically prefilled when each new contract is generated, and

  • The ability to print the contract or email it directly to customers and clients.

The HIA contracts online feature is a useful tool to create contracts suited to your business’ specific needs and ensure your contracts are up to date with constantly changing legislation.

Find out more about their contracts online service here; HIA Contracts Online

Master Builders Association eContracts

Master Builders Association eContracts

The Master Builders Association of NSW is a not for profit organisation in the building and construction industry.

Master Builders Association offers eContracts for members. There are a variety eContracts available to suit your business needs already available as a pre-constructed template, including Master Builders commercial and residential contracts and subcontracts.

The features of Master Builders’ eContracts include;

  • Complete online access to create, view, and edit all contracts

  • An address book to store and manage your client and customer details to easily insert into contracts or documents

  • Email functionality to send contracts and documents straight to clients as a webpage link

  • Cope creator, allowing contracts to be copied and edited when necessary. This allows minor changes to be made to multiple similar contracts.

  • Cheaper pricing schemes allowing for reduced prices per contracts. eContracts are cheaper than purchasing a hardcopy and allows multiple copies to be downloaded and printed.

Find out more about Master Builders eContracts here; Master Builders eContracts


This information is not to be relied upon without speaking to your accountant, tax agent or financial adviser depending on the advice.

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