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5 Simple Things to do to motivate you for the day!

Waking up at 6am isn't the most attractive thought.

Many of us lack the motivation to get up in the morning let alone being motivated about life and achieving business or success goals. You're not alone.

Here are a few simple things you can use to motivate yourself every morning:

5 things to do to get you motivated for the day

1. Create a habit of accomplishing a simple task as soon as you get out of bed.

Sounds simple but setting yourself one single task will help you to get up out of bed and start doing something right away until your mind wakes up. If anything, it will set you up for the day and get you energized as well as giving you a sense of achievement.

  • Simple tasks include

  • Making your bed

  • Exercising ( 5 min workout ) - Don't set yourself up for failure by trying to exercise 1 hr a day. Most likely you will have days where you run out of the time, or too tired then you end up making excuses for yourself

  • Making Breakfast

  • Going to the coffee shop to get your morning coffee

  • Iron clothes

  • Clean a small section of the house

  • Take a shower

Accomplish little tasks so you can tackle bigger tasks throughout the day

2. Positive affirmations.

Takes only a few seconds but can motivate you immediately.

Follow accounts on instagram or facebook that posts daily affirmations. That way you can see it as soon as you check your phone.

Or print out your favourite affirmations, stick them around the house, on the bathroom mirror or kitchen fridge.

Having a positive mindset will allow you to stay positive throughout the day. Remember "you attract what you believe", if you start the day positive, mostly likely you will have a good day!

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3. Change the way you view your job.

Align the way you think about your job with something positive to empower and motivate you.

If you have something you need to that day you can change the way you view it to something that is important to you.

"I am working today because i want to provide a lovely home for my family."

" My job brings happiness to other people "

" I am contributing to the future growth of this suburb by being part of this development" " I am building this house today so i can help another family achieve their dream"

" I am helping a family today by helping her with her plumbing and this brings me joy helping others."

" Each day I do my job, i am getting better and i'm improving my skills as a tradie and one day I can apply these skills to my own home."

Turn a job that you don't love so much into your passion.


Writing out a list of what needs to be done can be overwhelming when you realise the list is very long. On the flip side crossing out a task you have accomplished can be so fulfilling.

Write a full list of things that need to be accomplished, then break down the list into tasks that urgently need to be achieved that day and focus on them. Slowly achieving them one at a time will make it less overwhelming and instead more motivating.

There are plenty of apps you can use to do your check lists.

5. Focus and Don't compare with others.

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Gates's father all agreed on one thing when they were asked what the most important quality for success was. They all answered with the word "FOCUS"

So this is the last thing to do before you head out that door.


FOCUS on your goals

FOCUS on your dreams

FOCUS on your tasks for the day

FOCUS on being positive.

Get rid of your interruptions or distractions such as Social media, phone, and comparing yourself to what others are doing constantly.

The constant information provided to us by our phones distracts us from whats important. So put your phone down and stop checking eachother's Facebook pages and start working towards that dream!

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